About Us

The Sunseekers Car Club of Victoria Inc encourages and accepts  all brands of classic cars and motorcycles manufactured pre 1985. Our members have a wide variety of vehicles operating within the requirements of the Club Permit Scheme

The Club is growing by the day with new members coming aboard steadily. You don’t need a classic car or motorcycle to join, as we do have members who simply want to attend club events. The club has regular  meetings as required by our club rules of Incorporation.

We are always arranging some regular  club events and we encourage all our members to participate together with their families.

The Club is authorised by Vic Roads  to accept vehicles and motorcycles within the Club Permit Scheme if you are interested.

Vic Roads has required all approved clubs to sign an agreement that imposes a liability on the Club to ensure all vehicles presented for a club permit plate to  meet certain criteria as imposed by Vic Roads.   It goes further and imposes a positive onus on the Club to report to Vic roads any misuse of the Log Book or vehicle safety/modification issues beyond Vic  Roads accepted guidelines.

We encourage all persons interested in the scheme to visit the on VRoads website and read the list of conditions and requirements in general so that all parties can familiarise themselves with the strict requirements.  We remind our members the Club Permit scheme is not to be used by in any manner that would result in otherwise unregisterable/unroadworthy  vehicles being given  a club permit  to circumvent normal registration requirements. The Club does not accept reckless driving or hoon related behaviour and we encourage safe and defensive  driving practices.

Membership renewals commence 1 July in every year.

At present we have vacancies for new member applications but due to high demand in the past months we are currently considering placing a cap on member numbers for the coming year.